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Anvil Wagon Works specializes in the restoration and rebuilding of a variety of wagons. We have completed restorations on sheepwagons, chuckwagons, and a variety of specialty wagons.

We take great care to adhere to the traditions of wagon making.


Replica Sheepwagon
Showing trap side boxes, boot and 6 pane window
Restored wooden wheel running gear
Natural Finish


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The "Sheepherder", "Sheep Camp Wagon" or also called "Sheepwagon" was invented in the 1880's. No person is credited for its invention, there were many that left their mark in its development. The first "American Mobile Home", encompassing practicality and efficiency.

All sheep wagons had the same basic design. They all featured a bed, stove, table, benches, cabinet, dutch door and a window in the back over the bed. But one fact is clear—no two were created the same. Each had its own personality, depending on the builder and the sheepherders or ranchers that lived in them.

Anvil Wagon Works Rates on
Sheepherders Wagons:

New & Restored Wagons:
We have the experience and knowledge to restore original sheepwagons including rebuilding under-carriage, wheelwrighting, bows, restore exteriors and interior details. Costs can range between $3000 to $10,000 depending on the individual wagon and level of restoration needed.

We build new sheepwagons with high quality materials and adhere to both the traditional and modern design of sheepwagons. Costs can range between $12,500 and $20,000 depending on the specifications wanted in new sheepwagon.

Options with a new or restored sheepwagon:

  • Running gear- choice of 3 styles: wood, steel, or rubber tire running gears.
  • Box made of the finest new materials- poplar, oak, ash, pine and fir- can be trimmed with barnwood inside.
  • Irons, latches, hooks are all newly welded and/or hand forged.
  • 5 bows- 5/8" x 2 1/2".
  • Choice of oil cloth for ceiling, which is insulated and has the main canvas cover as roof.
  • Includes: table, drawers, cabinet, side boxes w/ trap doors in seat, stove, bed, shelf above bed, and boot (attached to the back)
  • Many options available

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